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Teach You To Prevent Black Screws From Rusting!
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Blackening is a chemical surface treatment process, the principle is to make the metal surface layer of oxide film, thereby isolating the air, to achieve antirust effect, in electroplating zinc, electroplating cadmium, dacromet and so on several commonly used surface processing, such as the contrast can be seen, although the black cost is cheaper and beautiful, but its anti-rust performance is poor, easy to rust, the following is a black screw rusty method:
First, the general production of black screws, the operation of a step is oiling screws, some customers will be required to wipe off the oil traces, which is precisely the screw to lose protection, it is easy in the transport process, in the rainy days, such as wet environment caused rust.
Second, the rust of the screw and storage environment has a great relationship, warehouses should avoid humid environment, packaging also to ensure that sealing, or, can be stored, sprayed with a layer of anti-rust oil.