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Screw Industry Application
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Screw the main purpose of the industrial products to make up a fixed one, in the use of teeth and teeth can not be between the tight, too hard locking screws, or dental lock is not tight, such as the failure to achieve the use conditions, all quality of the accuracy of the problem.
Screw is "quantity products", not handmade artwork, in a large number of production, to achieve high-precision and stable quality and popular price to consumers for the purpose of supply, the precision of the screw is usually 6g level (2 level, American Specification "IFI" for 2A teeth), the construction Engineering of coarse screw is 8g grade (3 level, "IFI" for 1 a tooth).
The value of screws is very important, in the world, because of the poor quality of screws caused by car factory bankruptcy example; There are also examples of aircraft crashes and vehicle subversion due to poor quality screws.

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