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Precautions For High Strength Bolts
- Apr 25, 2017 -

1. Surface rust, oily, bolt hole wall has burr, weld tumor should be cleaned up.
2. Contact friction surface treatment to meet the requirements of the resistance to the stroke coefficient, the use of high-strength bolts should be matched with nuts, washers, use in accordance with the supporting use, not interchangeable.
3. The handling of the friction surface of the component is not allowed to dip oil, dirt and other debris.
4. Installation of the component friction surface should be kept dry, should not work in the rain.
5. Strictly inspect and revise the deformation of the attached steel plates before installation.
6. Prohibit hammer hitting into bolts during installation to prevent bolt wire buckle from damage.
7. Use the electric wrench to inspect periodically, ensure the accuracy of torque, and follow the correct twist order operation.

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