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National Standard Of Fasteners
- Apr 25, 2017 -

1. Fastener Product Dimensions Standard: Specify the content of the product's basic dimensions; Threaded products, also include the thread's basic dimensions, thread closure, shoulder distance, retract groove and chamfering, external threaded parts, and so on the end dimensions.
2. Standard specification for fastener products, including product tolerances, mechanical properties, surface defects, surface treatment, product testing standards and corresponding specific requirements.
3. Screw product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging standards: specific provisions of the product inspection of the factory acceptance of the quality level and sampling program, as well as product marking methods and packaging requirements of the content.
4. Standard parts, fasteners, screws, screws, marking methods: specifying the product complete marking method and simplifying the content of the marking method.
5. Fasteners other aspects of the standard: such as fasteners standard terminology, fastener product weight standards and so on.