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Fastener Kinds Of Standard More, Carefully Bought Wrong!
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Screw fasteners, has a very rich product variety and specifications, many times have very similar products, or products in a few categories, the procurement of screw fasteners, it is important to understand that their products to be clear of the applicable fasteners, including the product requirements of the screw fasteners performance and role.
Screw fasteners, the role of the flange surface is to prevent slippery, such as hexagon flange screws, there is flange face with teeth and not with a more subtle distinction.
Between the two, except the difference between the teeth and the non-toothed. The standard used is also different, the standard of the flange screw with teeth is GB: GB/T57890-1986; GB/T16674.1-2004;GB/T16674.2-2004, while the flange screws without teeth are using the vapor Mark QC/T 340, you can correctly express the products you want to buy and their standards in the process of purchasing.
It is noteworthy that some of the flange screw standard for the GB5787-1986, this standard is now obsolete standards, but some enterprises may not be able to timely update information, cause misleading, so all customers pay attention to, ask clearly, remember to buy wrong.