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Fastener Enterprises To Improve Their Competitive Development
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Fastener Enterprises in China to cultivate their own talents, with their own technology, in order to win better development.
Fastener enterprises to improve the technical level, must first from the equipment improvement, technology improvement, the production of high-end fasteners, replacing imported products, I think that in the various technical performance to achieve the level of imported products, domestic enterprises will not abandon close to take to import, this is a fastener enterprise in the current situation of a favorable trend.
The benign development of a fastener enterprise must establish the core competence of the enterprise and foster the intrinsic motivation of the industry, but the most fastener enterprises in our country are insufficient to innovate. Lack of intellectual property rights of the advanced technology, the lack of technical personnel, the production team is unstable, the front-line staff without adequate training and liquidity, enterprise day-to-day production is struggling to cope with complex low-end or lower end products, passive production mode and unstable market environment. There is no denying that the existence of endogenous defects such as lack of human resources, lack of core technology and lack of market expansion will adversely affect the development of the industry.