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STEERING Shaft Design Requirements
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Steering axle assembly is the core part of automobile steering system, its performance is directly related to traffic and personal safety, so there are several requirements for the design of steering shaft.
1. Steering shaft should have a certain stiffness. Ensure that steering torque and steering angle are transferred to the steering wheel;
2. Due to the improvement of highway conditions, the improvement of speed and the stricter road safety regulations, the steering shaft should have the function of absorbing energy, which plays a role in preventing injury;
3. Steering shaft should have good fatigue resistance to ensure its service life.
4. The steering shaft of modern automobiles is fitted with a flexible universal section, and some are fitted with bodies that can alter the working angle of the steering disc (steering shaft) and the height of the steering disc (steering shaft length) to facilitate the manipulation of the drivers of different sizes.