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Precision Casting Surface Quality
- Apr 25, 2017 -

The surface quality of precision castings is analyzed as follows:
1. The casting surface roughness should conform to the GB6060.1 casting surface roughness Comparison sample block.
2. Castings required to be polished machined surfaces are executed according to the GB6060.4 requirements.
3. Casting must be shot blasting, sandblasting processing surface according to the GB6060.5.
4. Castings are not permitted to have cracks, less cast, loose, bubble and any penetrating defects.
5. The castings are not permitted to have abrasions, depressions, flesh-deficient and mesh burrs isosceles triangle defects.
6. Casting gate, flying edge, overflow mouth, the skin should be cleaned up, but allow traces.
7. The starting screw in the threaded hole is not allowed to be defective within four teeth.
8. Without prejudice to the use of castings, when the consent of the demand side, the supplier can be immersed in the casting and repair (such as welding, deformation correction, etc.) treatment, after the repair of the casting of the pressure should be done to the corresponding quality inspection.
9. The surface roughness of the castings is: 25um.