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Copper Nut Classification
- Apr 25, 2017 -

By use can be classified into three categories: machine screws, fastening screws and special-purpose screws.
The machine screws are mainly used for a part of fastening threaded holes, screws: a type of fasteners consisting of two parts of the head and screw, a fastening connection with a part with a pass hole is not required to fit the nut (this connection form is called a screw connection, also belongs to a detachable connection; can also be matched with a nut for a fastening connection between two parts with a pass hole.)
The fastening screw is mainly used for fixing the relative position between two parts.
Special-purpose screws for hoisting parts, such as rings screws, the shape is generally marked as flat hexagonal column, nut: with internal screw holes, also have flat square cylindrical or flat cylinder, with bolts, studs or machine screws, for fastening connecting two parts, making it a whole.