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Abnormal sound detection of steering shaft
- Apr 25, 2017 -

1. Check whether the noise caused by the hydraulic torque converter or the ATF oil pump bad work, inspection can be temporarily removed by the power steering pump drive belt to judge, if the belt after the demolition, the noise still exists, then the hydraulic torque converter or judgement, if the removal of the belt, the noise still exists, said the ATF oil pump work.
2. Check the oil (high-pressure) hose to rub with other parts, if, then reseat the oil hose.
3. Inspect the steering shaft universal joints, the transverse lever or the ball head pin loose, if necessary, tighten loose fasteners or replace defective parts.
4. Check whether the steering shaft has obvious swing, if so, replace the steering shaft assembly.
5. Check Tooth bar Guide screw adjustment is correct, and adjust as the situation.